Posting Nonsense about Covid and the Jab

Since a number of people like to say I post nonsense regarding the virus and the expiremental shot, let’s talk about nonsense…
As I have constantly said, it’s all a matter of a risk/benefit analysis based on whom you trust.
Now, about nonsense. Nonsense is trusting a medical establishment that follows a WHO medical protocol to give NO treatment to the “deadliest virus ever” until a patient gets to the hospital.

Nonsense is listening to a medical establishment that suppresses information about proven medical treatments used by frontline doctors all over the world, like the medical professionals in this news item:


and these doctors at the US Senate hearings:


Nonsense is ignoring all the testimonies and evidence of people negatively effected, short-term, by an experimental shot with no long term data on how people’s health can be impacted, with little concern from the medical establishment to look into it before continuing.
Nonsense is believing that every recorded Covid death is due to Covid when the WHO protocol is to include everyone who died WITH Covid, yet the medical establishment is ignoring the fact that some people are dying after taking the shot and wanting to look into that.

Nonsense, is to be ok with FB, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, the establishment media and medical establishment censor any and all posts about shot adverse effects with automatic messages that they have all been tested, then to have the Astra shot & J&J shot paused because of blood clots, yet be ok with the Pfizer and moderna shots continuing, without questioning taking a pause, even though on average they might cause even more blood clots…/blood-clots-as-prevalent…

I have been consistent since the beginning. Millions of people have died around the world from Covid-19 because the medical establishment suppressed information about proven medical treatments used successfully by frontline doctors all over the world. As a matter of policy any country that still follows the medical protocol of the WHO to withhold any treatment to a person sick with the “deadliest virus ever” until they are hospitalized, is criminal and responsible for all the needless deaths. As policy, I trust the many doctors who say that the most vulnerable should be offered the experimental shot, since they are the most vulnerable and scared to live life, but everyone else should be offered the medications instead of needlessly endangering themselves with an experimental shot with little long-term data. It might be foreign for many to comprehend, but based on many medical professionals from all over the world, I’m more afraid for all my young and healthy loved ones and friends who took an experimental shot that is already responsible for many “unexplained” medical problems in people around the world, more than I am about any of us getting the corona virus which has proven medical treatments. Is anything 100%? No. For that we pray to HaShem to help us regardless of whichever medical choice we take.
Praying for us all that we may all be healthy! 



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