Covid-19: What are We Dealing with?


The following write up was posted on FB by

Bartholomew Chiaroscuro

“Okay, what are we facing here?”
“It’s a virus that virtually everyone doesn’t even notice they have.”
“OMG. So the people who do notice all die?”
“No. Most of them have symptoms that are less than those of normal seasonal flu”
“OMG so apart from the vast majority who have no symptoms, and then another large group who have mild symptoms, it kills everyone?”
“No. It generally only kills people with co-morbidities or very elderly people. The average age of death is over 80, the average mortality rate doesn’t show any increase and it’s actually less dangerous than the seasonal flu for most age categories. Only the very elderly or those already very ill with something else are at risk really.”
“OMG. Ok, we have to protect the most vulnerable. Here’s what we are going to do. Let’s find the elderly with this virus, and release them back into nursing homes and elderly care homes. Then let’s close those places up so the vulnerable but not infected are locked in with the vulnerable and already infected. Let’s deprive them of sunlight, and conversation, and family. Let’s cause them huge emotional distress and we must, must make sure that they stay locked in with the virus for months.”
“What about the vast majority of people who aren’t at any more risk from this than from seasonal flu?”
“Ok we have to take away all their basic civil liberties immediately. We have to control what they do and where they go. We have to stop them from going outside. Let’s put them under virtual house arrest.”
“Can’t we do more to save these people who aren’t under any serious risk anyway?”
“You’re right. We must do more. Ok, let’s scare the sh-t out of them. Let’s pump out relentless fear, and let’s demonize anyone who isn’t afraid as a selfish c-nt. Let’s make them wear masks.”
“The masks that say on their product specifications that they don’t stop viral transmission?”
“That’s right. Let’s order millions of those at vast expense paying a mark up of 1,000%. Let’s dump millions of tonnes of unnecessary plastic masks in the oceans. If one person becomes a terrified idiot, it’s worth it. But we can do more….”
“Shall we deny millions of cancer and heart patients the treatments that might save their lives or delay their deaths? Shall we build up a backlog of 4.6 million missed operations and an uncounted number of deaths from other conditions?”
“Now you’re thinking. If 10,000 cancer deaths prevent one coronavirus death we have done our jobs. But let’s remember to massively inflate the coronavirus death figures and constantly lie about them as well in case anyone else doesn’t agree with this.”
“Maybe we could use figures based on fifteen year old modelling that are wildly inaccurate, keep using those after they have been proven to be bullsh-t, and add in wildly inaccurate mass testing methods that we know are bullshit as well?”
“Excellent. We are really getting somewhere now. But we must do more. I’ve got it. Let’s rush through vaccines that aren’t needed by the vast majority of people, have no idea of their long term effects or whether people will die from adverse reactions because most of these are entirely novel methods of treatment we are inaccurately labeling as vaccines, then laugh at and demonize anyone who doesn’t want to take them.”
“We should probably silence any discussion of this and make out that the former head of vaccine research at Pfizer is a nut job as well, just in case.”
“Good idea. And arrest old ladies sitting on benches alone, and make the Queen sit on a bench alone. It’s all perfectly rational.”
“Can we destroy the economy during all this as well or is that going too far?”
“Hold my pint. Or rather, hold everyone’s pint.”
One major point that Bartholomew did not address in his powerful writeup is the existence of proven treatments like Ivermectin, HCQ as well as the importance of taking daily doses of vitamin D for everyone to boost their immune systems. This is critical, critical information that could have saved so many lives all over the world, yet it was and continues to be suppressed by the medical establishment. An establishment with blood on their hands for suppressing this information and for shaming all doctors and individuals who do speak about that information.


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