The Authorities and the Media Can’t Hide the Truth Forever


People should be extremely disturbed by this.

The authorities and the media can’t hide the truth forever.

This is a Ministry of Health post (Hebrew) about the adverse injuries from the shot. The post is not the important part, the comments are the important part, bashing the post with personal stories of being hurt by the shot, and of people who died.

More and more people who got two and three shots are being vocal with what is truly happening to them, their family members and their friends, even while the authorities, the medical establishment and the media continue to ignore the massive amount of damage the shot is causing to many people. If nothing has happened to you, then thank the one above, however plenty of people are being hurt by these shots and it’s a crime that they are being ignored. Here is a must see video  called “the testimonies project” with many people in Israel talking publicly:

All the green passport rules and restrictions have nothing to do with health and everything to do with coercing people to take the shots. I didn’t say this, Israel’s health minister said it!

Ignorance is not bliss. For their own health, people should stop ignoring the massive amount of damage this shot is doing to so many people, which is being ignored by all the “experts” so many people prefer to listen to.

Since when must people be coerced to take a “life-saving” shot, with government restrictions and green passports, for a deadly virus one must take a test to find out if you have??? If it was truly life-saving then people would run to take it without coercion…

People vaxxed can get sick, die and spread the virus. They are just as “dangerous” as unvaxxed. Now we are all told that the vaxx is important because does it helps people ‘not get as sick’. Great. Plenty of people are preferring to rely on existing medical treatments instead. They should not be vilified or discriminated against with laws, with no medical basis, because they choose not to take a shot that would only help them ‘not get as sick’. That is evil, pure evil in the name of “health policy” and “the law”. Period. Horrible things have happened in societies when people are deemed “dangerous” or “unhealthy” by the authorities.

Many of the “unvaxxed” in hospitals today are people not FULLY vaxxed, meaning they haven’t had all three shots! Many people hospitalized are after all three shots as well. This is more information the medical authorities and media are hiding from us.

Too many things don’t make sense. Too many people ignoring the factual information about our crazy situation which is right in front of our eyes.

Scary, scary times.

Post-script: The Ministry of Health began deleting hundreds of comments the night after making the post. Some people took screenshots and made videos of the comments. Many of them can be seen here (in Hebrew)

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