The Ultimate Covid-19 Lie that Brings Down the Whole House of Cards


There are so many lies we are are living with today in our reality.

People don’t want to listen about the lies we are fed daily regarding the medical procedures, the good ones and the bad ones. People don’t want to listen to the lies about the discriminatory policies dividing nations, communities, friends and families, with no basis at all on science (because no matter how many boosters one gets he/she can still get sick and spread, totally negating any need for horrendous discriminating policies, and papers, that separates society into two different societies).
But the ultimate lie upon which the whole house of cards falls upon which has pushed normative people to live their lives based on fear, and motivated them to accept and want a new daily life of discrimination and control, is the lie of the “case numbers”. No longer are people considered sick because they are sick. No. In 2020/2021 the world has been ushered into the era where public policy is dependent on case numbers.
And these case numbers are directly linked to a faulty test. Hence the case numbers have no connection to the actual public health situation.
Most people prefer to ignore that the creator of the test himself said that it can’t detect any sickness, that it’s just a diagnostic test.
Well, maybe, people will listen to the head of laboratory workers here in Israel in the video below.
And remember, the only thing in life to fear is the one above. Only when we return to the understanding of that ultimate truth will we, as a society, merit to return to “normal”.
Because with the trajectory of public policy today, with people so easily allowing, and even supporting, our governments to control areas of our lives never before thought acceptable by free men, we will never live “normal” lives again.


Another highlight from our lives that highlights the total unscientific basis for government policies…

Someone in my family just took an antibodies test. This person has never been sick, but because he is being pressured to take the shot from different areas of his life, he decided to do the antibodies test. Surprisingly, his results came back positive with a truly high number of antibodies.

Even though he knows it won’t allow him to get a vaccine passport, he knows that he can now go back to all the people pressuring him to take the shot telling them that he does not need it because he has the best natural protection against the virus, antibodies! 

Thankfully, he also understands that having antibodies is what is important and not having a government-issued health passport.

In anycase, this person asked the doctor why he can’t get a vaxx passport even though he is “protected” according to the science, and the doctor was honest in telling him that he should be able to get one but because the government wants everyone to get the shot it is not giving it to people with antibodies.

This situation highlights our crazy unscientific reality today. 


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