Do people still think our politicians and medical experts are looking out for our health?


What a sad sad day. Do people still think our politicians and medical experts are looking out for our health?

Understand, I don’t trust the FDA either, they will probably end up ignoring this committee and approving the third jab for everyone anyway. That’s why two top FDA scientists resigned in protest over the political pressure to approve the third shot

The FDA is an organization that runs a marketing campaign calling a Nobel prize winning drug for humans, I****mectin, “horse medicine”.

The FDA is an organization that even the NY Times calls out as heavily corrupted by the Pharma companies

So, no, I don’t trust the FDA.

At least this FDA committee meeting was public. At least people can witness the Israeli data be shredded to bits and seen as unreliable to approve another shot. At least people can hear experts referencing data that shows the jab is killing more people than it is helping. At least it is exposing to all, that Israelis are the lab rats of the world, without Israelis being told that before being coerced to take the shots in order to get back to “normal” by having to show medical documents wherever they go.

More people are waking up to the absolute insanity of our reality, hence less people are going back for the third jab in Israel.

Looking forward to returning to a world where if you were sick you went to a doctor and stayed home until recovered, instead of having to take a test, that is potentially a false positive, then with a government-enforced solitary confinement!

Regardless, may everyone be healthy and civil regardless of their personal health decisions.

Fake News in Israel about Death of “Anti-Vaxxer”


So today’s news in Israel included a headline item about an “anti-vaxxer” who died in an Israeli hospital:

Unfortunately, the news item happens to be total fake news.

Yes, the man died. His name was Chai Shauliyan. He died in a closed corona hospital ward. He was a fiery activist who was beaten up by police in a recent demonstration in Jerusalem. He was hospitalized for his wounds, but because he is a vocal and successful “anti-vaxxer”, he was put into a closed corona ward. His wife herself said that he did not have the virus.

He managed to send out the attached video message (in Hebrew) a few days ago from the hospital saying how he was hospitalized after he was totally beaten up by the police, including with broken bones.

As an IDF medical person, he also voiced fear that he was poisoned since weird things were happening to his body after the police gave him something upon being arrested.

Bottom line, don’t believe all the fear porn in the media.

This man was beaten up by the police at a protest and then hospitalized. He didn’t even have the virus, yet put in the corona ward.

Keep on believing the lies of the FDA that is calling a 2015 Nobel prize-winning drug, ivermectin, horse medicine.

Believe the lies of the FDA that said the shot was safe, yet 6 months later was forced to add a warning label, based on adverse effects it did not know about when they rolled it out. We are all being experimented on, and they still are learning about this shot.

Believe the lies that our Israeli government/medical establishment used half a year ago with a marketing message to Israelis that the shots were approved by the FDA when they were not, rather only given emergency use approval, a huge difference from final approval. (The government then was forced to remove all marketing messages saying that the shots had fda approval).

Believe the lie that Israel is not the world’s laboratory for an experimental shot Pfizer is still learning about, even though Pfizer themselves admit to this:

Believe the lies that the green pass is for “our health”, while it is really all about punishing those not vaccinated, as Minister of Health Horowitz just admitted yesterday to Interior Minister Shaked.

Keep on believing that the shot, which is causing much damage to many people all over the world, is the “only solution”, while governments/medical establishment/media continue to hide from us all the information about medical treatments saving people’s lives. All while people are not being told about the massive amount of damage the shot is doing to lots of people.

Don’t believe me. Watch the number of people who return for the third shot in Israel, I’m almost certain it will be much lower than the amount of people who have the first two shots because little by little people are experiencing or seeing the adverse effects in loved ones/friends, and waking up to the lies about the shot. Only 3 million Israelis have gotten the third shot so far, out of 5,547,658 who got the first two (according to MOH dashboard as of this moment). That’s after 6,043,388 got only the first one, already a decline.

People are waking up to the lies of the government/medical establishment/media about this “only solution” which is not solving anything; no back to “normal” life, no end to masks, no end to quarantine, no end to worthless testing. The wake up process is slow, too slow, but it’s happening.

Believe what you want to believe.

I tend to ask questions when things don’t make sense, especially when I’m being lied to, and I then try to think things through as best as possible. I would have no problem with people deciding to take the shot after learning all the information and making a risk/benefit analysis. But taking the shot without critically thinking about all the information governments/medical establishment/media are lying about and censoring? That does not sound very wise to me. That’s fear porn coercing people to make decisions based on being afraid of every breathing individual on earth, based on a year and a half of lies.

May everyone have a healthy year, a sane year and a civil year, regardless of their personal medical decisions.

The Proliferation of the Variants, by a Scientist whose work led to a Nobel Prize


Very interesting!

This is a must-watch video explaining the proliferation of the variants, by Bret Weinstein, a scientist whose work led to a Nobel Prize (given to someone else).

This is a short, extremely insightful and important video that anyone who cares about following the science, and truly achieving a public health policy that is truly interested in public health, must listen to and consider when all we hear is the need for a universal medical mandate.

The original virologist and vaccine expert who warned about the development of variants is Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche who wrote about this back in March 2021:

And here is Nobel Prize winning scientist Prof. Luc Montagnier explaining that you should never vaxx during a pandemic: