The Ultimate Covid-19 Lie that Brings Down the Whole House of Cards


There are so many lies we are are living with today in our reality.

People don’t want to listen about the lies we are fed daily regarding the medical procedures, the good ones and the bad ones. People don’t want to listen to the lies about the discriminatory policies dividing nations, communities, friends and families, with no basis at all on science (because no matter how many boosters one gets he/she can still get sick and spread, totally negating any need for horrendous discriminating policies, and papers, that separates society into two different societies).
But the ultimate lie upon which the whole house of cards falls upon which has pushed normative people to live their lives based on fear, and motivated them to accept and want a new daily life of discrimination and control, is the lie of the “case numbers”. No longer are people considered sick because they are sick. No. In 2020/2021 the world has been ushered into the era where public policy is dependent on case numbers.
And these case numbers are directly linked to a faulty test. Hence the case numbers have no connection to the actual public health situation.
Most people prefer to ignore that the creator of the test himself said that it can’t detect any sickness, that it’s just a diagnostic test.
Well, maybe, people will listen to the head of laboratory workers here in Israel in the video below.
And remember, the only thing in life to fear is the one above. Only when we return to the understanding of that ultimate truth will we, as a society, merit to return to “normal”.
Because with the trajectory of public policy today, with people so easily allowing, and even supporting, our governments to control areas of our lives never before thought acceptable by free men, we will never live “normal” lives again.


Another highlight from our lives that highlights the total unscientific basis for government policies…

Someone in my family just took an antibodies test. This person has never been sick, but because he is being pressured to take the shot from different areas of his life, he decided to do the antibodies test. Surprisingly, his results came back positive with a truly high number of antibodies.

Even though he knows it won’t allow him to get a vaccine passport, he knows that he can now go back to all the people pressuring him to take the shot telling them that he does not need it because he has the best natural protection against the virus, antibodies! 

Thankfully, he also understands that having antibodies is what is important and not having a government-issued health passport.

In anycase, this person asked the doctor why he can’t get a vaxx passport even though he is “protected” according to the science, and the doctor was honest in telling him that he should be able to get one but because the government wants everyone to get the shot it is not giving it to people with antibodies.

This situation highlights our crazy unscientific reality today. 


A short story of two doctors. Let’s call doctor #1 Dr. Treatment and doctor #2 Dr. Shmaxx

This is what happened…
Someone I know now has the ronavirus. This person caught it from a shmaxxed person, which we all know can happen. Shmaxxed people can get sick with the virus too, and spread it. This is a virus and that’s what viruses do, they spread, even from shmaxxed people who get sick with the virus.
In any case, at first, this person was feeling fine but had to go do a pcr test since that is what one has to do in Israel after being notified that they were near someone who is diagnosed with the ronavirus.
A day before receiving the pcr test results this person came down with a fever. So the person called Dr. Treatment, a doctor who has put his focus on treating ronavirus patients with existing medical treatments instead of the shmaxx. He has treated many shmaxxed and unshmaxxed people who get sick with the ronavirus. Dr. Treatment then began treatment for this sick person.
The next day, this sick person got a phone call from Dr. Shmaxx, his personal doctor from the medical clinic whom he usually sees when sick. Dr. Shmaxx called to tell this person that his pcr test results came back and that they are “borderline positive”.
Dr. Shmaxx then continued to tell the person that since the test result is borderline positive it is not good enough to get a green passport, so the person must quickly return to the medical clinic to do another test in order to find out a more definitive test result, either positive or negative.
That was it. That was the whole phone call with Dr. Shmaxx, the personal doctor from the medical clinic.
Dr. Shmaxx did not ask the sick person how he was feeling. He did not ask to see the patient, his patient. He did not ask what his symptoms are. He did not offer any treatment. Nothing. No interest whatsoever. He just pushed him to run out and get another pcr test in order to get a green passport, if actually diagnosed as positive.
Now, understand, this ronavirus is supposed to be the most dangerous virus ever in humanity. Yet, Dr. Shmaxx, the official medical clinic doctor, does not ask his patient one question about the patient, his symptoms or offer any medical assistance for his patient potentially sick with this deadly virus!
Sorry, but the difference between these two doctors is just more proof that this ronavirus has screwed up our medical establishment majorly.

I have been vocal for months sharing information from doctors and scientists saying that the medical establishment’s focus on a faulty pcr test to diagnose a virus (as said by its creator Kary Mullis) is a mistake.

That the focus on putting people into quarantine without offering any medical treatments and only sending them to a hospital for treatment after they feel really sick, is a huge mistake, because it gives time for the virus to spread and do damage to internal organs, like the lungs. Again, a HUGE mistake. These are medical mistakes our Dr. Shmaxxes all over the world are doing and ignoring the treatments that the Dr. Treatments all over the world are giving.
Bottom line, many medical professionals who believe that the shmaxx is the solution have stopped acting like medical professionals. While it is the unshmaxxed medical professionals who understand that the shmaxx is not the solution, and they are the only ones who can be trusted for early treatments.
Don’t get me wrong, we all should appreciate all the very hard work of all the frontline healthcare workers in hospitals for all that they are doing to save lives. However, so many people could have been saved had they been given early treatment before being sent to the hospital!!! And that is where the medical establishment and Dr. Shmaxxes has failed humanity, all over the world.
What’s the moral of the story? There are a few:
1. If you get sick, regardless if you are shmaxxed or unshmaxxed, immediately contact a Dr. Treatment who is known to be providing medical treatment to help patients. Do not contact any Dr. Shmaxx who believes the shmaxx is the solution. Most of the Dr. Shmaxxes of the world just tell you to go into quarantine, and do nothing until you are too sick, and then go to the hospital. Also, don’t just rely on a youtube video of a doctor talking about what to do or on a printout of a treatment protocol. Contact a doctor who is treating patients and be in touch with that doctor. The doctor knows how to figure out what treatments to give, how much to give etc. depending upon your situation, your medical history, your weight etc. Contact and be in touch with a Dr. Treatment!
2. The green passport system is meaningless since shmaxxed people also can get sick and spread the virus. So anyone who feels more protected because they are “shmaxxed” with a green passport has a false sense of security. The green passport system has nothing to do with health and everything to do with limiting people’s liberties in order to coerce people to get a shmaxx.
3. Finally, I 100% agree with Britt Griffith in the graphic below. The unshmaxxed doctors, or doctors who don’t believe that the shmaxx is the solution but felt forced to get shmaxxed in order not to lose their jobs, are the most trustworthy doctors today. They should start their own hospitals for patients to go to for care, where patients will be treated based on their symptoms not based on global protocols.
And finally, finally, finally, hold on to your faith in the one above.
We are constantly taught in Judaism that we can not rely on anyone but on the one above. It seems that everything going on today is trying to reinforce that message.
Never before has it been clearer how much our politicians lie; How much our media spreads lies; How even our medical professionals can’t all be trusted.
Therefore, we must all return to place our trust in the one above and only in the one above. When it comes to people, any person, whether a politician, a Rabbi, a journalist, a doctor or anybody, listen, think, question, make calculated decisions etc. but don’t place 100% trust in them! They are all humans.
Humans, no matter how “well-respected” are flawed, every single one of them.
The Torah is very precise in giving messages about how the more righteous a person is the bigger evil inclination he/she has. The Torah is extremely clear that the justices and Rabbis must be extremely careful in meting out true justice because it is so easy for even Rabbis and judges to be corrupted. This is the messages from the Torah!
Man, all men and women, are flawed. It is our challenge to be the best we can be, but we all make mistakes, and nobody should kid themselves otherwise.
There is only one entity in the world without any flaws, and that is the one above.
Therefore, we can only place our 100% trust in the one above and no one else.
Salvation will come when we return to placing our trust in the one above instead of in mankind. I don’t see this as a negative message at all. I see it as a very realistic and positive message!
With that, wishing everyone good health and a return to sanity!

The Authorities and the Media Can’t Hide the Truth Forever


People should be extremely disturbed by this.

The authorities and the media can’t hide the truth forever.

This is a Ministry of Health post (Hebrew) about the adverse injuries from the shot. The post is not the important part, the comments are the important part, bashing the post with personal stories of being hurt by the shot, and of people who died.

More and more people who got two and three shots are being vocal with what is truly happening to them, their family members and their friends, even while the authorities, the medical establishment and the media continue to ignore the massive amount of damage the shot is causing to many people. If nothing has happened to you, then thank the one above, however plenty of people are being hurt by these shots and it’s a crime that they are being ignored. Here is a must see video  called “the testimonies project” with many people in Israel talking publicly:

All the green passport rules and restrictions have nothing to do with health and everything to do with coercing people to take the shots. I didn’t say this, Israel’s health minister said it!

Ignorance is not bliss. For their own health, people should stop ignoring the massive amount of damage this shot is doing to so many people, which is being ignored by all the “experts” so many people prefer to listen to.

Since when must people be coerced to take a “life-saving” shot, with government restrictions and green passports, for a deadly virus one must take a test to find out if you have??? If it was truly life-saving then people would run to take it without coercion…

People vaxxed can get sick, die and spread the virus. They are just as “dangerous” as unvaxxed. Now we are all told that the vaxx is important because does it helps people ‘not get as sick’. Great. Plenty of people are preferring to rely on existing medical treatments instead. They should not be vilified or discriminated against with laws, with no medical basis, because they choose not to take a shot that would only help them ‘not get as sick’. That is evil, pure evil in the name of “health policy” and “the law”. Period. Horrible things have happened in societies when people are deemed “dangerous” or “unhealthy” by the authorities.

Many of the “unvaxxed” in hospitals today are people not FULLY vaxxed, meaning they haven’t had all three shots! Many people hospitalized are after all three shots as well. This is more information the medical authorities and media are hiding from us.

Too many things don’t make sense. Too many people ignoring the factual information about our crazy situation which is right in front of our eyes.

Scary, scary times.

Post-script: The Ministry of Health began deleting hundreds of comments the night after making the post. Some people took screenshots and made videos of the comments. Many of them can be seen here (in Hebrew)

Do people still think our politicians and medical experts are looking out for our health?


What a sad sad day. Do people still think our politicians and medical experts are looking out for our health?

Understand, I don’t trust the FDA either, they will probably end up ignoring this committee and approving the third jab for everyone anyway. That’s why two top FDA scientists resigned in protest over the political pressure to approve the third shot

The FDA is an organization that runs a marketing campaign calling a Nobel prize winning drug for humans, I****mectin, “horse medicine”.

The FDA is an organization that even the NY Times calls out as heavily corrupted by the Pharma companies

So, no, I don’t trust the FDA.

At least this FDA committee meeting was public. At least people can witness the Israeli data be shredded to bits and seen as unreliable to approve another shot. At least people can hear experts referencing data that shows the jab is killing more people than it is helping. At least it is exposing to all, that Israelis are the lab rats of the world, without Israelis being told that before being coerced to take the shots in order to get back to “normal” by having to show medical documents wherever they go.

More people are waking up to the absolute insanity of our reality, hence less people are going back for the third jab in Israel.

Looking forward to returning to a world where if you were sick you went to a doctor and stayed home until recovered, instead of having to take a test, that is potentially a false positive, then with a government-enforced solitary confinement!

Regardless, may everyone be healthy and civil regardless of their personal health decisions.

Fake News in Israel about Death of “Anti-Vaxxer”


So today’s news in Israel included a headline item about an “anti-vaxxer” who died in an Israeli hospital:

Unfortunately, the news item happens to be total fake news.

Yes, the man died. His name was Chai Shauliyan. He died in a closed corona hospital ward. He was a fiery activist who was beaten up by police in a recent demonstration in Jerusalem. He was hospitalized for his wounds, but because he is a vocal and successful “anti-vaxxer”, he was put into a closed corona ward. His wife herself said that he did not have the virus.

He managed to send out the attached video message (in Hebrew) a few days ago from the hospital saying how he was hospitalized after he was totally beaten up by the police, including with broken bones.

As an IDF medical person, he also voiced fear that he was poisoned since weird things were happening to his body after the police gave him something upon being arrested.

Bottom line, don’t believe all the fear porn in the media.

This man was beaten up by the police at a protest and then hospitalized. He didn’t even have the virus, yet put in the corona ward.

Keep on believing the lies of the FDA that is calling a 2015 Nobel prize-winning drug, ivermectin, horse medicine.

Believe the lies of the FDA that said the shot was safe, yet 6 months later was forced to add a warning label, based on adverse effects it did not know about when they rolled it out. We are all being experimented on, and they still are learning about this shot.

Believe the lies that our Israeli government/medical establishment used half a year ago with a marketing message to Israelis that the shots were approved by the FDA when they were not, rather only given emergency use approval, a huge difference from final approval. (The government then was forced to remove all marketing messages saying that the shots had fda approval).

Believe the lie that Israel is not the world’s laboratory for an experimental shot Pfizer is still learning about, even though Pfizer themselves admit to this:

Believe the lies that the green pass is for “our health”, while it is really all about punishing those not vaccinated, as Minister of Health Horowitz just admitted yesterday to Interior Minister Shaked.

Keep on believing that the shot, which is causing much damage to many people all over the world, is the “only solution”, while governments/medical establishment/media continue to hide from us all the information about medical treatments saving people’s lives. All while people are not being told about the massive amount of damage the shot is doing to lots of people.

Don’t believe me. Watch the number of people who return for the third shot in Israel, I’m almost certain it will be much lower than the amount of people who have the first two shots because little by little people are experiencing or seeing the adverse effects in loved ones/friends, and waking up to the lies about the shot. Only 3 million Israelis have gotten the third shot so far, out of 5,547,658 who got the first two (according to MOH dashboard as of this moment). That’s after 6,043,388 got only the first one, already a decline.

People are waking up to the lies of the government/medical establishment/media about this “only solution” which is not solving anything; no back to “normal” life, no end to masks, no end to quarantine, no end to worthless testing. The wake up process is slow, too slow, but it’s happening.

Believe what you want to believe.

I tend to ask questions when things don’t make sense, especially when I’m being lied to, and I then try to think things through as best as possible. I would have no problem with people deciding to take the shot after learning all the information and making a risk/benefit analysis. But taking the shot without critically thinking about all the information governments/medical establishment/media are lying about and censoring? That does not sound very wise to me. That’s fear porn coercing people to make decisions based on being afraid of every breathing individual on earth, based on a year and a half of lies.

May everyone have a healthy year, a sane year and a civil year, regardless of their personal medical decisions.

The Proliferation of the Variants, by a Scientist whose work led to a Nobel Prize


Very interesting!

This is a must-watch video explaining the proliferation of the variants, by Bret Weinstein, a scientist whose work led to a Nobel Prize (given to someone else).

This is a short, extremely insightful and important video that anyone who cares about following the science, and truly achieving a public health policy that is truly interested in public health, must listen to and consider when all we hear is the need for a universal medical mandate.

The original virologist and vaccine expert who warned about the development of variants is Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche who wrote about this back in March 2021:

And here is Nobel Prize winning scientist Prof. Luc Montagnier explaining that you should never vaxx during a pandemic:

The Most Comprehensive Article on the “I” Drug that the FDA Hates

This is the most comprehensive article ever written about this drug, detailing all the global doctors involved, all the studies, all the countries and all the horrific corruption of the medical establishment, that still today censor this drug and the doctors.
Facucci lied. People died. And people still believe the lie that only an experimental shot, with lots of adverse effects and no long term data, is the only “solution”, which already has been proven as wrong. If anything, it is a temporary band-aid that has to be reapplied every few months, which itself causes complications to some who take it.
Everyone decide whatever you want about the shot. I just want people to be informed about the information we have all been lied about in order to have true informed consent.

Posting Nonsense about Covid and the Jab

Since a number of people like to say I post nonsense regarding the virus and the expiremental shot, let’s talk about nonsense…
As I have constantly said, it’s all a matter of a risk/benefit analysis based on whom you trust.
Now, about nonsense. Nonsense is trusting a medical establishment that follows a WHO medical protocol to give NO treatment to the “deadliest virus ever” until a patient gets to the hospital.

Nonsense is listening to a medical establishment that suppresses information about proven medical treatments used by frontline doctors all over the world, like the medical professionals in this news item:


and these doctors at the US Senate hearings:


Nonsense is ignoring all the testimonies and evidence of people negatively effected, short-term, by an experimental shot with no long term data on how people’s health can be impacted, with little concern from the medical establishment to look into it before continuing.
Nonsense is believing that every recorded Covid death is due to Covid when the WHO protocol is to include everyone who died WITH Covid, yet the medical establishment is ignoring the fact that some people are dying after taking the shot and wanting to look into that.

Nonsense, is to be ok with FB, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, the establishment media and medical establishment censor any and all posts about shot adverse effects with automatic messages that they have all been tested, then to have the Astra shot & J&J shot paused because of blood clots, yet be ok with the Pfizer and moderna shots continuing, without questioning taking a pause, even though on average they might cause even more blood clots…/blood-clots-as-prevalent…

I have been consistent since the beginning. Millions of people have died around the world from Covid-19 because the medical establishment suppressed information about proven medical treatments used successfully by frontline doctors all over the world. As a matter of policy any country that still follows the medical protocol of the WHO to withhold any treatment to a person sick with the “deadliest virus ever” until they are hospitalized, is criminal and responsible for all the needless deaths. As policy, I trust the many doctors who say that the most vulnerable should be offered the experimental shot, since they are the most vulnerable and scared to live life, but everyone else should be offered the medications instead of needlessly endangering themselves with an experimental shot with little long-term data. It might be foreign for many to comprehend, but based on many medical professionals from all over the world, I’m more afraid for all my young and healthy loved ones and friends who took an experimental shot that is already responsible for many “unexplained” medical problems in people around the world, more than I am about any of us getting the corona virus which has proven medical treatments. Is anything 100%? No. For that we pray to HaShem to help us regardless of whichever medical choice we take.
Praying for us all that we may all be healthy! 



Covid-19: What are We Dealing with?


The following write up was posted on FB by

Bartholomew Chiaroscuro

“Okay, what are we facing here?”
“It’s a virus that virtually everyone doesn’t even notice they have.”
“OMG. So the people who do notice all die?”
“No. Most of them have symptoms that are less than those of normal seasonal flu”
“OMG so apart from the vast majority who have no symptoms, and then another large group who have mild symptoms, it kills everyone?”
“No. It generally only kills people with co-morbidities or very elderly people. The average age of death is over 80, the average mortality rate doesn’t show any increase and it’s actually less dangerous than the seasonal flu for most age categories. Only the very elderly or those already very ill with something else are at risk really.”
“OMG. Ok, we have to protect the most vulnerable. Here’s what we are going to do. Let’s find the elderly with this virus, and release them back into nursing homes and elderly care homes. Then let’s close those places up so the vulnerable but not infected are locked in with the vulnerable and already infected. Let’s deprive them of sunlight, and conversation, and family. Let’s cause them huge emotional distress and we must, must make sure that they stay locked in with the virus for months.”
“What about the vast majority of people who aren’t at any more risk from this than from seasonal flu?”
“Ok we have to take away all their basic civil liberties immediately. We have to control what they do and where they go. We have to stop them from going outside. Let’s put them under virtual house arrest.”
“Can’t we do more to save these people who aren’t under any serious risk anyway?”
“You’re right. We must do more. Ok, let’s scare the sh-t out of them. Let’s pump out relentless fear, and let’s demonize anyone who isn’t afraid as a selfish c-nt. Let’s make them wear masks.”
“The masks that say on their product specifications that they don’t stop viral transmission?”
“That’s right. Let’s order millions of those at vast expense paying a mark up of 1,000%. Let’s dump millions of tonnes of unnecessary plastic masks in the oceans. If one person becomes a terrified idiot, it’s worth it. But we can do more….”
“Shall we deny millions of cancer and heart patients the treatments that might save their lives or delay their deaths? Shall we build up a backlog of 4.6 million missed operations and an uncounted number of deaths from other conditions?”
“Now you’re thinking. If 10,000 cancer deaths prevent one coronavirus death we have done our jobs. But let’s remember to massively inflate the coronavirus death figures and constantly lie about them as well in case anyone else doesn’t agree with this.”
“Maybe we could use figures based on fifteen year old modelling that are wildly inaccurate, keep using those after they have been proven to be bullsh-t, and add in wildly inaccurate mass testing methods that we know are bullshit as well?”
“Excellent. We are really getting somewhere now. But we must do more. I’ve got it. Let’s rush through vaccines that aren’t needed by the vast majority of people, have no idea of their long term effects or whether people will die from adverse reactions because most of these are entirely novel methods of treatment we are inaccurately labeling as vaccines, then laugh at and demonize anyone who doesn’t want to take them.”
“We should probably silence any discussion of this and make out that the former head of vaccine research at Pfizer is a nut job as well, just in case.”
“Good idea. And arrest old ladies sitting on benches alone, and make the Queen sit on a bench alone. It’s all perfectly rational.”
“Can we destroy the economy during all this as well or is that going too far?”
“Hold my pint. Or rather, hold everyone’s pint.”
One major point that Bartholomew did not address in his powerful writeup is the existence of proven treatments like Ivermectin, HCQ as well as the importance of taking daily doses of vitamin D for everyone to boost their immune systems. This is critical, critical information that could have saved so many lives all over the world, yet it was and continues to be suppressed by the medical establishment. An establishment with blood on their hands for suppressing this information and for shaming all doctors and individuals who do speak about that information.


Women’s Cycles Impacted by the Covid Jab, Surprisingly Even Effecting Women Who Did Not Take the Jab

Many women have been reporting issues, in Israel as well.
There is so much the medical community does not know about this experimental shot, yet public discourse not only is not allowed, but shut down. Ignoring real questions and concerns is not helping build trust, rather it is causing the exact opposite. That’s a problem, a big problem.

For any woman experiencing these issues or concerned about these issues, here is a doctor being asked questions: