A short story of two doctors. Let’s call doctor #1 Dr. Treatment and doctor #2 Dr. Shmaxx

This is what happened…
Someone I know now has the ronavirus. This person caught it from a shmaxxed person, which we all know can happen. Shmaxxed people can get sick with the virus too, and spread it. This is a virus and that’s what viruses do, they spread, even from shmaxxed people who get sick with the virus.
In any case, at first, this person was feeling fine but had to go do a pcr test since that is what one has to do in Israel after being notified that they were near someone who is diagnosed with the ronavirus.
A day before receiving the pcr test results this person came down with a fever. So the person called Dr. Treatment, a doctor who has put his focus on treating ronavirus patients with existing medical treatments instead of the shmaxx. He has treated many shmaxxed and unshmaxxed people who get sick with the ronavirus. Dr. Treatment then began treatment for this sick person.
The next day, this sick person got a phone call from Dr. Shmaxx, his personal doctor from the medical clinic whom he usually sees when sick. Dr. Shmaxx called to tell this person that his pcr test results came back and that they are “borderline positive”.
Dr. Shmaxx then continued to tell the person that since the test result is borderline positive it is not good enough to get a green passport, so the person must quickly return to the medical clinic to do another test in order to find out a more definitive test result, either positive or negative.
That was it. That was the whole phone call with Dr. Shmaxx, the personal doctor from the medical clinic.
Dr. Shmaxx did not ask the sick person how he was feeling. He did not ask to see the patient, his patient. He did not ask what his symptoms are. He did not offer any treatment. Nothing. No interest whatsoever. He just pushed him to run out and get another pcr test in order to get a green passport, if actually diagnosed as positive.
Now, understand, this ronavirus is supposed to be the most dangerous virus ever in humanity. Yet, Dr. Shmaxx, the official medical clinic doctor, does not ask his patient one question about the patient, his symptoms or offer any medical assistance for his patient potentially sick with this deadly virus!
Sorry, but the difference between these two doctors is just more proof that this ronavirus has screwed up our medical establishment majorly.

I have been vocal for months sharing information from doctors and scientists saying that the medical establishment’s focus on a faulty pcr test to diagnose a virus (as said by its creator Kary Mullis) is a mistake.

That the focus on putting people into quarantine without offering any medical treatments and only sending them to a hospital for treatment after they feel really sick, is a huge mistake, because it gives time for the virus to spread and do damage to internal organs, like the lungs. Again, a HUGE mistake. These are medical mistakes our Dr. Shmaxxes all over the world are doing and ignoring the treatments that the Dr. Treatments all over the world are giving.
Bottom line, many medical professionals who believe that the shmaxx is the solution have stopped acting like medical professionals. While it is the unshmaxxed medical professionals who understand that the shmaxx is not the solution, and they are the only ones who can be trusted for early treatments.
Don’t get me wrong, we all should appreciate all the very hard work of all the frontline healthcare workers in hospitals for all that they are doing to save lives. However, so many people could have been saved had they been given early treatment before being sent to the hospital!!! And that is where the medical establishment and Dr. Shmaxxes has failed humanity, all over the world.
What’s the moral of the story? There are a few:
1. If you get sick, regardless if you are shmaxxed or unshmaxxed, immediately contact a Dr. Treatment who is known to be providing medical treatment to help patients. Do not contact any Dr. Shmaxx who believes the shmaxx is the solution. Most of the Dr. Shmaxxes of the world just tell you to go into quarantine, and do nothing until you are too sick, and then go to the hospital. Also, don’t just rely on a youtube video of a doctor talking about what to do or on a printout of a treatment protocol. Contact a doctor who is treating patients and be in touch with that doctor. The doctor knows how to figure out what treatments to give, how much to give etc. depending upon your situation, your medical history, your weight etc. Contact and be in touch with a Dr. Treatment!
2. The green passport system is meaningless since shmaxxed people also can get sick and spread the virus. So anyone who feels more protected because they are “shmaxxed” with a green passport has a false sense of security. The green passport system has nothing to do with health and everything to do with limiting people’s liberties in order to coerce people to get a shmaxx.
3. Finally, I 100% agree with Britt Griffith in the graphic below. The unshmaxxed doctors, or doctors who don’t believe that the shmaxx is the solution but felt forced to get shmaxxed in order not to lose their jobs, are the most trustworthy doctors today. They should start their own hospitals for patients to go to for care, where patients will be treated based on their symptoms not based on global protocols.
And finally, finally, finally, hold on to your faith in the one above.
We are constantly taught in Judaism that we can not rely on anyone but on the one above. It seems that everything going on today is trying to reinforce that message.
Never before has it been clearer how much our politicians lie; How much our media spreads lies; How even our medical professionals can’t all be trusted.
Therefore, we must all return to place our trust in the one above and only in the one above. When it comes to people, any person, whether a politician, a Rabbi, a journalist, a doctor or anybody, listen, think, question, make calculated decisions etc. but don’t place 100% trust in them! They are all humans.
Humans, no matter how “well-respected” are flawed, every single one of them.
The Torah is very precise in giving messages about how the more righteous a person is the bigger evil inclination he/she has. The Torah is extremely clear that the justices and Rabbis must be extremely careful in meting out true justice because it is so easy for even Rabbis and judges to be corrupted. This is the messages from the Torah!
Man, all men and women, are flawed. It is our challenge to be the best we can be, but we all make mistakes, and nobody should kid themselves otherwise.
There is only one entity in the world without any flaws, and that is the one above.
Therefore, we can only place our 100% trust in the one above and no one else.
Salvation will come when we return to placing our trust in the one above instead of in mankind. I don’t see this as a negative message at all. I see it as a very realistic and positive message!
With that, wishing everyone good health and a return to sanity!

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