Frontline Doctor at Ohio State Senate Hearing: “in the name of science we are all being manipulated and lied to”


This is a doctor that everyone must listen to at an Ohio State Senate hearing.
She speaks to the fear many frontline doctors have in speaking out with their frontline experience and knowledge. That in “the name of science we are all being manipulated and lied to”. That is her line, not mine. Towards the end, she says “science without a discussion is just propaganda”.
Instead of allowing a healthy debate and discourse about the virus and the vaccines, our world is now all cancel-culture, with social media, media, friends etc. shutting down and shaming anyone, especially doctors, who dare question, or voice concern against the narrative of the pharma companies, government and media that automatically treat as fact that lockdowns, masks, social distancing and shots are necessary according to the “science”. The fact that there are some countries and US states that are open, with no lockdowns/masks or massive vaccine rollouts with better numbers than countries/states with harsh measures and pushing the vaccine is not even allowed to be entertained. It is automatically treated like fake news and must be shut down. That’s not science, that is pushing forward an agenda.
Just recently scientists from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford went public with the Great Barrington Declaration, which disavowed lockdowns as a destructive and futile mitigation measure. The declaration, which has since been signed by 13,985 medical and public health scientists, calls on public officials to adopt the focused protection approach—the exact strategy employed by Gov. DeSantis in Florida. Have you seen any honest scientific debate about this?
On the other side of the coin, no discussion or debate is allowed to be had on the problems with the shots. Just today I just heard of another person who has died after the second pfizer shot, a woman from Ramat Beit Shemesh. She is one of many. I personally have never written about the short-term issues of the shot because my point has always been on the unknown long-term impact that no doctor or medical professional can know for a new experimental shot that has not been used long enough to have the data. But there are plenty of short-term issues, including deaths, as well that the medical establishment is shutting down and scaring doctors from talking about. The hospital wrote down that the woman from Ramat Beit Shemesh died from covid, yet the family argued with the doctor who finally admitted that it was from the shot. And this is not the only occurrence of this. And this lying by the medical establishemnt (all over the world) regarding covid deaths isn’t just connected to the shot. Ever since the beginning, the covid numbers have been doctored, as set out by the World Health Organization that established a policy that anyone who dies, when they are positive for covid, are automatically listed as dying FROM covid instead of WITH covid.
To everyone who took the shot, with G-d’s help may it protect you. To anyone who has not yet taken the shot and has not yet had their kids take it, do your research, and find doctors you trust on this specific issue before you decide. Too much information is still unknown that the official medical world is not admitting that they don’t know, yet they are pressuring the world to take an experimental shot that they are hiding too much information about and shaming anyone who even just raises questions or concerns. And too many doctors blanketly say that is safe for “everyone” without the data to back it up.
More and more people are learning how much we must all educate ourselves as best as possible and not automatically trust the medical establishment, government and media. Even the doctor in this media touches upon this point.
It’s hard for some people to understand, but many of us who have been doing our research with medical professionals are more afraid of the shot than the virus. And I’m not alone. We have the medications and the doctors to talk to if we get sick, so we are not afraid of the virus. We might get really sick and we even might die, like from so many other things in life, but we have the doctors to talk to, and we are not letting this virus overtake our lives when so much “data” places doubt on the “science” telling us otherwise.
Instead, we are very scared for all of our family and friends who have taken the shot. Long-term there is no data about it. And with the existence of medical treatments, there is no need to take an experimental vaccine with no long-term data. Together with the censorship about proven medical treatments, the firing of doctors who use those treatments or speak out against the narrative, in addition to the shutting down of all discussion to get to the truth, there are many of us who do not trust the official information we are told about.
The UK government is already warning of a third wave with lots of deaths of “vaccinated” people. And of course, who are they predicting to blame? Those who did not get the shot. So, they already know lots of vaccinated people will die. And they already know whom to blame. Too many issues to unpack there. But let’s just say I don’t trust the “data” from medical professionals/government authorities using a horrific scare tactic like this.
And for all the people who say, well look at where Israel is today because of the vaccine? Really, how do we know Israel’s true situation? And whether our state today is because if the vaccine? We don’t. But that’s the official narrative. As I mentioned above, covid numbers have been doctored since the beginning, so how do we know what is true and what is not. We are supposed to automatically believe big pharma/government and media that have been lying about so much and shutting down so much? Israeli doctors have privately been investigating the medical impact of the shot and the results are not good. But the medical establishment/government and media are ignoring them and their researched report. (I only have it in Hebrew. If someone is interested then I can send it to you). Do you really trust the official narrative when they are knee-jerk shutting down all data that questions that narrative?
As an aside, most people in Israel did not get the shot because they are afraid for their lives, they got the shot to be able to get back to life! Don’t you think if most people were truly scared for their lives of a deadly virus then they would all be running to take the shot? There would be no need to pressure to fire them from their jobs, incentify them with free pizza or concerts and scare them about being forbidden to return to normal life without a shot? Food for thought.
Bottom line, watch this video.

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